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Allowing the body to repair naturally and faster

Ever wonder where health comes from? It comes from “Above-Down, Inside-Out”—the “ADIO Philosophy.“ Also called the “Principled Philosophy,” these terms reference the understanding that your body’s innate intelligence controls your homeostasis (balance within the environment) to the best of its ability: from your brain through your spinal cord, and from your spinal nerves out to your body.

Healing is an extremely complex ability that your body possesses, an ability superior to that of any medical doctor’s. At Chiromark, our care maximizes this healing potential that resides within you! Spinal bones out of place cause decreased ability for your body to circulate the nutrients within the blood stream around the spinal cord, cause muscles to spasm and brace the spine, cause swelling due to aberrant motion between spinal bones, and most importantly, impair the brain’s ability to sense and control the body. If your spinal bones are in the correct position, you improve your opportunity to heal effectively. Your body’s innate intelligence is able to use your spinal nerves to effect change when your spine is aligned properly.

If you have been waiting for your body to heal, and it is not happening as quickly as you would expect, it’s time to have a ChiroCheck-Up with your chiropractor from Chiromark.

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