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Helping children grow up healthier

At Chiromark, our chiropractos see a lot of “ChiroKids of all ages” in our office—including newborns! Newborn babies often have misalignments in their spine—and it’s no wonder why! Imagine…you are relaxing in your living room and all of the sudden the walls start to cave in pushing you out your front door— through the mail slot! How would your neck feel? Every single newborn baby needs to visit Chiromark. We love taking care of small misalignments of the spine before they turn into big problems.

In toddlers and children, misalignments of the spine occur because kids are kids! From learning to walk they fall down 20 times a day, to running and jumping and playing rough, and there is a lot of physical and emotional stresses involved in the developing body of an active child.

In reality, the care we feel about the parents who visit us is equalled by the care we feel for their kids. Through adjustments from your chiroppractor, we can prevent problems from developing and have helped kids with the following conditions:







Enuresis (Bed Wetting)



Wheelchair Bound

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