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Conditions your chiropractor can help


In most cases, chiropractors have been proven to be the safest, least expensive and most effective way of treating low back pain. Thus, "Chiropractor" and "back pain treatment" have become nearly synonymous. Still, Chiropractors work in the same way for back pain as it does for many other kinds of pain and health problems.

Spinal Chord Xray Photo


Have you ever considered that looking at your posture is like looking through a window at your spine? A head tilt, high shoulder, high hip or short leg can all be signs of spinal misalignment. When your spine is in proper alignment it is more likely to last longer and move properly. When the spine is out of place, it causes excessive and accelerated wear and tear on your joints. Improper motion within joints over time causes damage to nerves, degenerative disc disease, pain and other health problems.

Spinal misalignment


Imagine if you were always at ease—calm, cool and comfortable. That would be the life! The reality is that we are all bombarded by stress; Negative Thoughts (emotional), Traumas (physical) and Toxins (chemical) throughout our lifetimes. Our nervous systems get short-circuited from the overload and our spines get discombobulated by all that stress!

Nervous System
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