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Joint Chiropractor

Work with the Best Joint Chiropractor for Real Relief

Are you struggling to make it through your day due to chronic back or neck pain? Did your car accident last year leave you with a dull ache that just doesn't get any better? Known as the Best joint chiropractor in the region, Chiromark and Dr. Christian Reilly are here to help you live a better life. In many instances, when your body is returned to its natural alignment without the use of drugs or invasive procedures, through proper pain treatment services, pain is greatly reduced or eliminated. Many clients are able to return to a more active lifestyle and find joy in movement once again.

Reduce the Pain and Get back to Work

Dr. Reilly is certified and trained in a number of effective pain treatment techniques including the Gonstead, Palmer, and Thompson techniques. He can help free a pinched nerve, correct a slipped disc, or relieve pressure in your spinal column. Chiropractic has been known to help reduce the number of headaches, support a woman through pregnancy, and speed recovery after a severe illness. Finally target and correct the cause of your misery!

Joint Chiropractor with a Schedule to Match Yours

While we are not considered traditional medicine, we offer many of the same conveniences for our pain treatment services as your local clinic. We have morning and late afternoon appointments available on multiple days of the week. We also offer a second location in Rocky Hill, should that work better with your commute. If you carry medical insurance, in many cases some or all of your office visits can be covered. Take the first step toward finally feeling better and pick up your phone today.

Use our easy New Patient button at the top of the page to tell us all about you and how we can help. Contact us by ringing us up or dropping us an email. We are happy to provide support for the entire family from seniors to teens to tots.

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