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Low radiation X-ray

Your Chiropractor can Accurately assess the position of bones and joints with X-Rays

A chiropractor can take X-rays, while not always necessary, they are a reliable way of making care safer by measuring changes in spinal alignment. Viewing X-rays allows your chiropractor to accurately assess the position of bones to determine if ligaments in your spinal column have been stretched or torn.

X-rays help us evaluate the health of disc spaces between your vertebrae. If you have arthritis in your spine, we can see it on X-ray. X-rays also allow for a more precise adjustment of the Subluxated area right from the start of care, resulting in more certainty in helping you.

Modern X-rays are a relatively safe and cost effective way to view the structure and general condition of the spine. In most cases, the benefits of the X-ray far outweigh the low risks of small-dose radiation exposure. Even so, at Chiromark, our chiropractors always weigh the benefits of X-ray against your individual risk level. Pregnant women, for example, are usually excluded from x-ray examination to protect the unborn baby. We usually do not X-ray children unless there is reason to believe that the child has experienced a significant trauma.

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