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Conditions your chiropractor can help: PAIN

In most cases, chiropractors have been proven to be the safest, least expensive and most effective way of treating low back pain. Thus, "Chiropractor" and "back pain treatment" have become nearly synonymous. Still, Chiropractors work in the same way for back pain as it does for many other kinds of pain and health problems.

There is an intimate relationship between your spine, spinal cord and how you feel. Nerve pain signals run through your spinal cord allowing your body to tell your brain that something is wrong. Pain signals move along your nerves from an injured or sick body part through openings between vertebrae created by the shape of your bones and discs. Pain signals in your nerves travel to your brain where, if the signal is strong enough, your conscious mind is made aware of the problem.

Amazingly, if a pain signal is interfered with, such as by a spinal misalignment, slipped or herniated discs, subluxation or foraminal stenosis, the brain can misinterpret the signal. Frequently, a person with nerve interference feels nothing at all, even though they should have pain. Additionally, if a pain signal is generated within the spine, it can present as sciatic leg pain, carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist or potentially a headache, even though nothing is wrong with the leg, wrist or head.

Painkillers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs can dull or override your body's natural healing reaction to damage and injury. These drugs often slow healing and expose a person to side-effects. That's why most people who visit Chiromark are interested in avoiding drugs if possible. They do not want to have to rely on pills to feel good. They know that if they were healthy, their bodies would heal and feel great most of the time.

At Chiromark, our chiropractors truly care about how you feel. We want you to sleep more soundly and wake up with more energy because you feel good. When you feel good you are more likely to eat properly and exercise. People who feel good are more successful in reaching for their dreams. We want you to be able to love your life! We care that you are able to enjoy time with your family. We want you to be able to work and play all day without pain.

If you or a loved one is suffering with any of the conditions below, call to schedule a ChiroCheck-Up today! We find the true cause of many kinds of pain. We have found the true cause of health. It is worth a chance to learn if we can help!

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