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Ask your Chiropractor about the Thompson Technique

Your Chiropractor will make adjustments tailored to your anatomy

The Thompson Technique, developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, incorporates a table with height-adjustable partitions called a “Segment Drop System.” By adjusting the table to each patients individual anatomy and condition, we improve the efficiency of the motion and force being used to adjust an effected area.

The "Segmental Drop System " considers the natural orientation of your spine to move the affected spinal segment in a direction that will administer adjustment with consideration of the surrounding joints. In most cases, the Thompson Technique is applied as you comfortably lay face down.

“Leg Length Analysis” is another important part of the Thompson Chiropractic Technique. Using this technique, your leg length is observed at the heel while your foot and leg are completely relaxed and free of weight-bearing stress. Through this process, we can identify the necessary degree of needed Chiropractic adjustment.

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