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Baby’s First Chiropractic Check-Up by Chiromark

Relaxed and Even Leg Lengths in a newborn, when present in both the neutral and flexed knee position, generally indicates that the baby’s pelvis and lumbar spine are structurally and neurologically healthy. Perhaps a less obvious fact is that this simple observation can give us insight into the cervical spinal health of the baby as well.

Often times tension and or nerve interference in the neck will create compensations and imbalances that can be observed all the way down at the feet! Not in this case. This little one has a relaxed pelvis, healthy reflexes and balanced and relaxed leg lengths (She is pooping good too! Another indication that the lumbar spine and pelvis are properly aligned). However, it was observed and confirmed that she favors a right rotation of the neck and a subtle misalignment of the atlas (C1) vertebra left was corrected using an gentle touch and activator through the tip of my overlying index finger.

I have heard of people celebrating their baby’s first vaccines. In our Chiropractic World, we celebrate Baby’s First Chiropractic Check-Up. Welcome to the world little one. Welcome to Life. Its going to have its ups and downs. Your healthy spine is going to help your nervous system be more adaptive and that is going to help you cope with the demands and power through. Thank you to your amazing parents for allowing Chiromark to be a part of your family’s Life.

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