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Would you ask your doctor about your teeth?

“Most of us neglect the health of our nervous system our entire lives, then wake up at forty or fifty years old and wonder why we are falling apart. But hey at least our teeth look nice, right?” -Dr. Steve Judson DC

Would you ask your primary care doctor about your teeth? No silly, you would call your dentist. So why do so many people call their medical doctors for nervous system concerns? Your chiropractor can help with more than just back pain, because your central nervous system controls more than just pain. Your spine protects this vital part of your body and all that is connects to. If you are having digestive problems, a simple visit to a chiropractor can help you more versus a trip to a GI doctor, (who will most likely just prescribe you with medication that will harm more than help). When it comes to proper alignment of the spine, a simple adjustment can make a substantial impact on your internal health. Our bodies have an innate intelligence to preserve and help us function with negligible intended effort on our part. However, most of us do not realize how vital a chiropractic adjustment is to this innate intelligence. Aiding the rehabilitation will always be easier than masking the problem.

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