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A Pinched Nerve
The first condition, a “pinched nerve” is luckily not very common. (Mother Nature really did her best to design the spine in a way that prevents such a condition!) A pinched nerve can lead to serious functional compromise and be acutely devastating to your health—but the truth is very few people ever experience an actual pinched nerve.


A Subluxation
What we more commonly discover is that misalignment of spinal bones causes nerve tissue to be chaffed, irritated or stretched - resulting in the adjacent soft tissue to also experience swelling or irritation. This condition affects the integrity of the nerve signals going to and from your brain at this misaligned location, resulting in a kind of signal “interference” that can impair the brains ability to control the corresponding systems and functions associated with these nerves. When your spinal bones misalign to affect nerve impulses, the condition is referred to as the Vertebral Subluxation Complex—or more simply, a Subluxation.


Can a Chiropractor help Subluxation & Pinched Nerves? Yes

Consequences of ignoring Subluxation

Ignoring a Subluxation results in a progressively worsening conditions as spine health deteriorates through 3 stages of decay. Stage 1 includes a loss of spinal curve and mobility.

In Stage 2, joint surfaces become rough, trick, and uneven as bone extrusions or “spurs” begin to form. In Stage 3, the affected spinal joints can actually fuse together as the body attempts to protect itself from further or catastrophic harm due to a failing spine.

At Chiromark, our chiropractors offer a safer Subluxation-Based Care Program
Addressing spinal decay using pain-relieving drug therapy targets the symptom instead of “the source” of the problem. This approach covers-up the problem without correcting it, while exposing you to potentially dangerous and even deadly side effects.

Surgery to correct a subluxation is a very risky process carrying all the risks associated with surgical anesthesia and infection. Even worse, success rates for back surgeries are very low, resulting in scars and permanent damage.

Chiromark offers smarter, safer solutions that improve spinal function and reduce nerve interference so that the body is able to heal itself.

When we perform an exam with you at Chiromark, Our chiropractors evaluate your range of motion, we use mild X-ray and thermal-imaging technology to pinpoint the exact location of any Subluxations. With a “blueprint” of your spines current alignment, we can then determine the course of Chiropractic care that will bring you the fastest and most preferred results.

Care from your chiropractor works best when viewed as a “healthy habit!”
Symptom-responsive adjustments we offer can bring you gradual to quick relief, allowing you to then discontinue care after you begin to feel better. Unfortunately, the muscles and ligaments surrounding a Subluxation area usually take a bit longer to strengthen and heal, so it is not uncommon that patients who quit right after feeling relief to eventually return with the same condition.

A better and recommended approach is to view Chiromark visits as a “healthy habit,” continuing visits after you feel better so that ligaments, soft tissue, and muscles can be fully strengthened and retrained to support and maintain your spine in its proper position. From there, routine “tune-up” visits can help to ensure your health is always at its very best!

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