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Success Stories—our greatest reward as Chiropractors!


As Chiropractors, our approach to care recognizes the unique needs of every client we serve. Our greatest reward is seeing and hearing just how much seeing a chiropractor has improved the lives of those we help!

“Dr. Christian helped make my return from overseas a comfortable experience…”

“My Military deployment in Afghanistan left my neck and back in continual pain—and the long flight and drive back home to Cromwell made things even worse. After feeling no relief from over-the-counter pain killers, I decided to call Dr. Christian…it was the smartest thing I could have done! He examined me, took X-rays, and then made a quick adjustment that I can only describe as ‘amazing.’

I walked into his office hunched over in pain—but left feeling better than I had in over a year! Went back for a few more adjustments, and each left me feeling better than the last.

Dr. Christian helped make my return from overseas a comfortable experience. I only wish he was practicing at the Marine base in Hawaii where we are now stationed!”

David J. Kroha, Cromwell, CT


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