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Tools for your Chiropractor: Palmer Package

It's important for a chiropractor to focus on head-to-neck alignment

Upper cervical adjustments require a special level of training and skill from a Chiroprator. At Chiromark, we follow a strict 6-step protocol for assessing and adjusting anyone experiencing upper-cervical pain or issues:


A detailed assessment precedes any adjustment.
While you and the Chiropractor will decide if X-rays are right for you, radiographs allow us to calculate safe adjustment limits based on characteristics of your body’s underlying structure.


Adjustments only when/as needed.
When addressing upper cervical Subluxations or joint issues, we approach adjustments with the belief that maintaining an adjustment position is as important as receiving the adjustment. Because healing happens when your body “holds”an adjustment, we will only adjust your upper cervical spine if and when it is warranted. Our objective isn’t to treat you—it’s to clear your nervous system so that your body works to heal itself.


Deliver caring, gentle adjustment.
The upper neck is a delicate area, and it is a natural reaction to tense up if you anticipate you are going to be pushed, pulled, or poked around this sensitive part of your anatomy. This can result in an ineffective adjustment because your body’s natural response creates resistance. As trained upper cervical chiropractors, we assert as gentle a re-alignment procedure as possible to bring the head and neck into better balance.


Check and confirm posture and nervous system function with every visit.
Every subsequent visit to our office begins with objective measures of your body’s function to help guide the best option for where you are at that time. It is possible that your body may not need an adjustment on each visit. In that case, we say that you are “Clear.”


Determine adjustment effectiveness after every visit.
We conduct post-adjustment checks after every upper cervical Chiropractic adjustment. This can include palpation, leg length checks, careful evaluation of your posture, and more. Our goal is to confirm immediately that the adjustments you receive are having the effect they are supposed to.


Concentrate on head-to-neck balance.
A Chiropractor from Chiromark will approach your upper cervical head-to-neck alignment with care, because proper alignment regulates your body’s expression of life, health, and longevity. The interlocking joints at the top of the neck are weaker than the rest of the spine, and rely heavily on balance from strong muscles and ligaments. A Chiropractor from Chiromark can help. Our approach takes into account and addresses all these factors, working toward a healthier upper cervical environment that promotes faster, more effective, safer healing and a better life.

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